BridgeDb is a framework for finding and mapping equivalent database identifiers. It has many facets: it is both a framework, live services, and are identifier mapping files for genes, proteins, and metabolites.

BridgeDb Framework

  • The Application Programming Interface
  • The Java Library

BridgeDb Identifier Mapping Databases

  • Genes and Proteins (Based on Ensembl & EnsemblGenomes)
  • Metabolites (Based on HMDB, ChEBI, and Wikidata)
  • Interactions (Based on Rhea)
  • Gene-Variant (Ensembl and dbSNP)

BridgeDb plugins to support usage in various environments

BridgeDb Web Services

BridgeDb mapping functionality is made available via various webservices.

  • WikiPathways: REST services
  • Open PHACTS: Identifier Mapping Service, Linked Data API

Developer Teams

The following groups (in alphabetical order) are contributing to the development of the BridgeDb world (current or past):

  • Gladstone Institutes: Alex Pico, Anders Riutta
  • Heriot Watt University: Alasdair Gray
  • Maastricht University: Jonathan Mélius, Egon Willighagen, Anwesha Bohler, Martijn van Iersel, Thomas Kelder,  Christ Leemans, Denise Slenter, Chris Evelo
  • University of Manchester: Christian Brenninkmeijer, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Ian Dunlop, Carole Goble
  • Others: Isaac Ho, Jianjiong Gao


Mailing list

Manchester University

    Maastricht University


Gladstone Institutes
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