BridgeDb webservice as docker image for OpenRiskNet   

The BridgeDb webservice is available as docker image in the OpenRiskNet e-infrastructure containing mapping files for metabolites, and gene mapping files for Homo sapiens, Mus musculus and Rattus norvegicus. Link to the Docker hub for version control and Github repository with build configuration steps.

Instructions to pull Docker Image:

  • Installation:
    • docker pull bigcatum/bridgedb
  • Run
    • sudo docker run -p 8183:8183 bigcatum/bridgedb

Linked Data API for OpenPHACTS

Open PHACTS provides a REST-like interface to Map URLs from one database to another, using BridgeDb technology. To use the service, you need a free API key.

Open PHACTS: Identifier Mapping Service

The Identifier Mapping Service (IMS) is a key component underlying the Open PHACTS platform. This is complemented with a QueryExpander with a dedicated service to map URIs.

The IMS can resolve identifiers loaded from the Open PHACTS linkset collection:

IMS linkset visualization

IMS linkset visualization (1.5)

For your own installation of the Identity Mapping Service you can try the IMS docker image.